Right. This is happening now. Blogging and sorting and organising and life-ing. This is happening right now. I arrived back from Falmouth yesterday evening. My dad’s hearse-like VW estate completely rammed with ‘stuff’. I had thought that I had been restrictive with the amount of ‘stuff’ I had collected over the past 3 years…evidently not. I would like to say that it is all useful. It isn’t. But perhaps the filtering and organising of 3 years of rubbish will be a good opportunity to start my new career as unemployed graduate?

In preparation of this new role, I have started writing lists. Many many lists.

Unpacking lists.

Reading lists.

Job agency lists.

Lists of prospective places to live in London.

Lists of possible job choices in London.

‘What happens if’ lists.

“Since being at University I have become organised.”  

I hope this remains to be true… I feel like if I continue being ‘on it’ then I won’t get totally spooked when stuff doesn’t go entirely my way…

In the meantime I shall bore you, teary-eyed, about my last week in Falmouth. There were many moments of outrageousness. The Summer Show (which I publicised below) was phenomenal. I spoke to people from my course who I had never had a non-academic conversation with, the majority of our words being praise to the tutors for filling an entire fridge with Prosecco. A delightful discovery! A trip on the famous ‘party bus’ and a good few hours of thinking I was Beyoncé in red lipstick and a vintage dress… Not a strong look, but the best night ever. And I really don’t mean this flippantly.

Elliot (gorgeous boif) arrived the next day, where I proceeded to metaphorically throw food at him. I do hope he isn’t just being polite when I do force him into accepting another slice of Chocolate and Earl Grey torte

We also travelled to visit El’s Great Aunt Pat and Great Uncle John, who live in this crazy spot right by the Mullion coast. Old-school hostess, we were offered food and tea and wine (it was just 12 o’clock) at every break in the conversation. John showed me his extensive library, with these beautiful bookcases bursting with dusty coloured treasures. As the two black labs, Trevah and *** rubbed saliva-covered tennis balls up my leg, I asked to watch Pat make some mayonnaise to accompany the crab that she had bought especially for our visit. Although I am unsure of actual measurements, I saw 4 egg yolks, a quantity of mild and light olive oil, salt, pepper, a half tsp of Dijon mustard and a fairly hefty shot of brandy… Ever so slightly unorthodox addition, but it tasted incredible. And I ate a lot of it. I even licked the spoon that Pat offered me.

I will write to her and ask for the recipe. I don’t think things like that should be lost.

I also had a picture, but I seem to have mislaid it. I’m sorry that my pictures are not better quality. When I left Fal, I also left my photographer, the wonderful Jak Bennett and although my digital camera is good, I miss the depth of field look (I don’t even know if this is the right term…let’s call it the ‘pro-foodie’ pics) that a good camera, and a talented photographer provided. If anyone who is reading this has any tips for either taking good pictures on a little Canon or the purchasing of a cheapish but VERY cheerful camera, I would be 100% grateful!

So, to unemployment.

I have finished my fun days of studenthood, and I am ready to trounce all over you, unemployment and your sorry-little-negativity in the most positive frame of mind possible.

So there.


Rosie x