Yes! I have a job! One whole week of soggy feet and broken brollies running about job agencies has earned me a job in an office. But I’m not going to describe it in great detail. Firstly, because there is not a huge amount to describe. It’s computers. Buff files. Databases. Cups of tea and the ‘Treat Trolly’. And a very numb bottom from sitting for too long on a wheelie-chair – the novelty of which lasted approximately 27 minutes.

I bought a new outfit to suit my Mad Men-like image of clipping around an office with hussy-hips, a sassy little pencil skirt and immaculately coiffured hair.

An office job is NOT like this. Ignore your imagination. It will try to deceive you.

I wore my heels on the first day before making the sensible decision to save them for future interviews. BUT this is all experience and it allows me to save money AND get to grips with office terminology for the future – (“It doesn’t like it” in relation to a temperamental computer/printer/fax machine is the most annoying yet.)

I judged the 21st-century-workplace-fashion-code situation wrongly.

This was not the last misjudgment.

I also misjudged the complexities that having a lunchbox would bring.

Day 1 – balsamic vinegar, feta, peppers, lettuce and tomato salad box = inquiring faces + comments on healthiness

Day 2 + 3 – small snacks, nuts,seeds and dried fruit + crackers + banana = motherly expression + guilt

I didn’t even contemplate the effects that my lunch choice would have on others. Though I have given my feet a break, I will not let my eating habits be changed.

My revision? River Cottage Lunch.

As of next week I will challenge the status quo of the office and will try to come up with something edible that will make me actually excited to eat it. I will NOT be daunted by other people’s snack-a-jacks and brown bananas.

Or anything of the Treat Trolly…though the apple crumble slice did look very good.

Challenge set. Full stop.

New para.

New subject.

As I write this, 50 Shades of Grey is the most talked about book in the world (probably). I am intrigued. But due to me being as difficult as Microsoft Access, I refuse to venture into the stagnant world of WHSmith until I learn whether or not I will receive any form of ‘literary’ gratification from reading it. Do I dare?

Or should I stick with Polo of the Middle Ages, Pillars of the Earth? (I was going to link that up to Mr Follett’s website but I find it is a turnoff somewhat…)

Never judge a book by its author?


Rosie x