Delia’s Cheese-Crusted Scones with Smoked Bacon and a MEGA amount of Butter. What a way to start a weekend!

First of all, I would like to apologise for the shocking title of this post. It is Sunday and a week of office talk has numbed any gram of wit I possess. For this reason, I turned to the help of my boyfriend who responded, looking ever-so-pleased with himself, with this idea. I didn’t have the heart, nor the sense of humour to turn him down!

Delia’s ‘Cheese-Crusted Scones’ from my mum’s ancient copy of Delia’s Book of Cakes, take me right back to Saturday mornings when I was tiny.

Mum at that time was one of the babes (and also the youngest) out of the local WI group. She would make what seemed like thousands of scones, biscuits and cakes and luckily we’d get to taste a few – just to make sure that they weren’t, you know, ‘poisonous’ or anything.

Brian Matthews was on the radio, I’d been made a stonking cuppa, and the fridge was stuffed full of leftover cheesy bits – I’m afraid I couldn’t resist it. (I ran out of cheddar and ended up squishing up bits of brie in instead! It worked just as well.)

Who knew Delia could be such a babe? Check out this vintage clip of the Queen of Cakes herself. I’d bake many cakes for a pair of dungarees like this. – I used plain white flour, a little brie and a healthy pinch of paprika to go INSANELY well with the smoked bacon.



Rosie x