Although I might be very much mistaken, I do believe I have just eaten a smoked salmon, cream cheese and chive sushi…

Monty ate it. I think he has less defined taste about what sushi should really taste like, because he enjoyed it immensely.

I don’t understand how ASDA could get it so wrong. The other weekend I was in London and bought some incredible sushi from Wasabi. A fiver instead of the cheaper £3.40 but…

Seaweed, salmon nigiri, edamame and green beans and a whole pot full of pickled ginger. I know nothing about traditional Japanese cuisine. But I’m sure this is 100x more traditional than ASDA’s weird excuse.

Ach! So rude!

This weekend I went to Brighton…or BroadwayMarket-on-Sea. I’ve only been there once before but it’s stuck in my mind as being a brilliant and bright place, overflowing with fantastic vintage finds, crazy people and now, (after a total culinary extravaganza yesterday), a foodie haven. One day I shall spend much time there and wander the Lanes knowing EXACTLY where I’m going.

After a ridiculous morning (all shall be told in the next month or so), my mum and I wound down the streets and found ourselves back to Aldo, where we ate 3 years ago.

In a similar situation as the last time, we were unwatered, unfed and looking for our stomachs to be easily satisfied. A funny little place plonked on the edge of Trafalgar Street, Aldo is an Italian restaurant selling traditional dishes. Used to chain Italians where tastes are good but prices are silly, the cost of 2 pasta dishes, a coffee and a fizzy water was beyond sensible and really quite tasty. I had…


an Al Tonno – tuna, prawns and olives in a tomatoey garlic sauce. Drunk on good food and gossipy chat with my mum we left Aldo fed, watered, and ever so slightly in food-induced love with the charm of our lovely waiter.

Find Aldo at Be charmed!

In other news, I have decided to leave my cushty office job in the depths of a Hampshire town in one months time. I will spend 2 weeks in London on 10 October trawling the streets, CV clenched in hand…


Rosie x